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DeepFocus WP Premium Theme will turn your WordPress blog into a fully functional online photo gallery while still maintaining all of the features of a normal blog. Along with the gallery layout, DeepFocus WP Premium Theme comes with a robust blog and CMS-style homepage as well, making it an amazing solution for artists/photographers looking to build an online presence.

DeepFocus WP Premium Theme

DeepFocus WP Premium Theme Features

* Opera compatible
* Netscape compatible
* Safari compatible
* WordPress 3.0 compatible
* Five Color Schemes
* Gallery Section
* Threaded Comments
* Optional Blog-style Structure
* Gravatar ready
* Firefox compatible
* DeepFocus WP Premium Theme is IE8 + IE7 + IE6 compatible
* Advertisement Ready
* Widget ready sidebars
* Theme Options Page
* Custom thumbnail images
* PSD files
* DeepFocus WP Premium Theme is Valid XHTML + CSS
* Smooth tabless design

DeepFocus WP Premium Theme Basic Features

five unique color schemes
DeepFocus WP Premium Theme comes with five different color variations. If the standard color isn’t your style, then try switching to the Wooden, Stone, Green or Noise color schemes.

optional blog-style structure
Even though DeepFocus WP Premium Theme was created to be a CMS with a Page-Based structure, you can also run the theme like a normal blog instead.

automated thumbnail resizing
DeepFocus WP Premium Theme utilizes timthumb to automatically resize your thumbnail images. Because of this, only one thumbnail images is required per post, despite the various thumbnail sizes used in the theme.

advertising management
With DeepFocus WP Premium Theme you can place 125×125 banner images in your sidebar and 468×60 ads to your post pages with ease. Advertisements are handled from within wp-admin, and can be turned on and off at any time.

DeepFocus WP Premium Theme Advanced Features

ePanel theme options
Tweaking your blog has never been easier. With our advanced theme options page, you are given complete control over your theme and its various settings. Improving usability is important to us, and we have made an effort to greatly enhance your user experience.

shortcodes collection
Designing and organizing your posts has never been easier. With our large collection of shortcodes you can create beautiful and complex layouts with ease, greatly improving the functionality and variety of your content.

page templates
Our page templates make your life easier by giving you access to pre-made layouts and utilities. Each template can be applied to an individual page, transforming the way it looks and functions to create new and unique forms of content.

complete localization
DeepFocus WP Premium Theme has been localized for easy translation. Using the theme’s MO and PO files, you can quickly translate the design without having to hunt through the theme’s PHP files to change each word.

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