Dropbox Offering 500 MB of Bonus Space For Every Referral

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Dropbox is now offering 500 MB of bonus space for every referral you send.

Simply put, Dropbox is a simple solution that aided cloud file saving. Using this solution, same files can be made available to several PC’s through simple installation of dropbox into the respective computers. By doing this, synchronization of files across the computers is made easy. So, what features make dropbox distinct?

Firstly is the online back up. The drop folder that is conveniently placed on one’s desktop during installation acts as the lead graphical tool that links the pc to the dropbox’s servers. For online backing, one should save the respective files into the dropbox folder. This allows one to revert to previous versions stored in their PC’s within the past 30 days. This limit is waived when one upgrades to the paid version.

Another advantageous feature offered by dropbox is file synchronization. It is important to point that this is an area where dropbox stands out amongst the rest. When an individual is working on a word or even excel document at the office, all one has to do to continue working at home is simply copy the file into the dropbox file and once home, open the dropbox folder and the same file will be accessible from there.
Contrary to most of the web applications which require constant connection to the internet, with dropbox, it is possibly to work online and offline as well. Simply put if one is working on PC-1 and saves the file in the dropbox folder, it is still possible to continue working on the file without In LAN environments; it is even much easier to sync files at a faster speed. Dropbox only searches for the latest version of file and makes it available to you.
Additionally, file sharing as well as collaboration with team members is easily possible using the program. With just a few steps, one is able to share files existing users of dropbox. Non-existing users are not segregated on as well; they are able to receive invitation via their email addresses. Additionally, one can select the persons they would want to access the files and hence limit accessibility. Images can however be shared with non-dropbox users as well given that they are displayed in the gallery. This is convenient for users who do not want to undertake registration.
dropbox file sharing
Also important to note is that dropbox is backed by distinct and effective security features including SSL which secure the system when sending files to and from servers, file encryption, and also prevent acts by malicious and unscrupulous cyber users and criminals.
In general, dropbox is an ideal file sharing avenue that most users will find convenient. If you have not, then you should consider trying it out.With free dropbox account you will get 2 GB of space and you can extend it up to 16GB with getting your friends, colleagues or anyone else to sign up for free dropbox account.
You will get 500 MB of space for every referral you send to dropbox. Click the button below to get your free dropbox account!

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