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HotelBooking Theme

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HotelBooking Theme is an elegant WordPress theme with great features for Hotel business owners. HotelBooking Theme helps you to create a beautiful Hotel website, complete with booking and reservation management functionality.

HotelBooking Theme Features


    feature 1

    Out of the box – Auto Install

    Confused on how to get started? Our 1-click auto-install feature helps you out. Once you activate this theme, you will have the option to populate all of the required sample data with a click of a button. You don’t have to setup every section of the site step by step.
    feature 2

    Strategic homepage design

    To give you the best possible results, the homepage of this theme has been carefully designed and coded, without compromising on customizability and flexibility. The custom dynamic widgets add more to the overall appeal of your site.
    feature 3

    Manage Bookings Online

    The HotelBooking theme is equipped with a complete booking module, using which, your visitors (and potential customers) can book rooms and other services and you, as an Admin can accept/reject and manage requests.
    feature 4

    Homepage Slider

    HotelBooking Theme includes a cool slider on the homepage. It is completely widgetized so you can configure it and remove it easily, just like any other widget.
    feature 5

    Powerful back-end for booking setup

    HotelBooking Premium WP theme has powerful and easy to use back-end helps the administrator to add services, availability, closing hours, manual bookings, and much more. The booking module is built specifically for hotel businesses. It is intuitive and easily manageable.
    feature 6

    Add new Custom Fields

    HotelBooking Premium WP Theme has the inbuilt interface helps you easily add new custom fields for the booking form. We know the requirements differ and hence the new custom fields. Admin can easily add, edit or remove the custom fields like select box, check box, radio button, date picker, etc.
    feature 7

    Inbuilt Payment Gateway

    For admins to accept payments, there are seven integrated payment gateways within this theme. You can set the payment-related options like activating, deactivating and configuring payment gateways in the ‘Payment Options’ screen.
    feature 8

    News/services Blog

    No, we didn’t forget the regular blog section. You will have a full fledged blog on your site, and its too easy to setup. Provide any news and announcements, list out your services or simply get personal with your visitors.
    feature 9

    Design Settings

    With our advanced design settings, you can change font color, link color, body background color, and much more, without even touching the code
    feature 10

    Integrated Short-codes

    There are 30 handy short-codes to save your time and effort. The beauty of short-codes is that they can be used anywhere. In order to use them, just type in a particular ‘code’ and voila, your job is done !

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