How to Convert Post to Page in WordPress

| February 24, 2013 | 2 Comments

post to page
WordPress Pages are used for more static content like: About, Contact Us etc and are accessible to site visitors from the site menu.On the other side, posts are used for dynamic and regular content updates on the website such as posts. Sometimes we need to convert content published as ‘Post’ into ‘Page’. It could the case when one of your posts become popular or complicated and you feel it should has its own WordPress page. It would also be easier for visitors as the page (post) would be accessible from the site menu.

In this case we will use pTypeConverter plugin. This plugin is a complete new version of old plugin called p2pConverter and converts any posts to pages and back in an easy to use interface. A pTypeConverter role capability prevents unwanted users from converting pages (i.e. only Administrators and Editors have this ability to begin with), which can be adjusted by using a Role Manager plugin.

In order to convert post to page you will need to install and activate pTypeConverter plugin. Once the plugin has been activated click on Tools in your dasboard and the pTypeConverter submenu will show up.

Use of this plugin is straight forward.Click on the tab “Convert”, select your posts or pages and choose what you want to convert your items to.


The last step is to hit the convert button and you are done.

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  2. When I try to enter the shortcode in the shortcode widget and hit apply, nothing happens.

    Is there a way to use WP Froms with Elementor?

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