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If you want to promote your content on Facebook than Facebook Like box display is a must.In my previous post I wrote about how to use Facebook plugins to drive more traffic to your blog. This time let’s talk about Facebook Like box, which gives you bigger chances for more likes to your fanpage. This should turn into more referral traffic from Facebook to your WordPress blog. For greater conversion, instead of showing Facebook Like box in the blog sidebar, you can also display it in the form of pop-up box using one of two following methods.

WordPress PopUp Plugin

First method is the one we are currently using on and it’s based on free wp plugin called WordPress PopUp. This is multifunction plugin as it can be used to display not just your like box. The plugin can be used as very effective way to advertise your mailing list, special offer or simply to show ads via javascript ‘pop over’ on your site.

fb like popuphg sale popup

Some of WordPress PopUp plugin features:

  • Display fancy pop up(s) (powered as a popover!) to visitors network wide, per site or on specific URLs
  • Hassle-free interface. Creating your new pop over is as simple as adding a new post to your WordPress blog.
  • Extensive options for customizing who sees your pop overs including logged out users, visitors who have never commented , search engine visitors.
  • Includes optional hide a pop over forever.
  • Ability to set the amount of time that passes between when the user hits your site and when the pop up displays
  • Compatible with any WordPress theme. Customize the style and layout of your pop over to fit with your existing site design.
  • Works perfectly with WordPress, Multisite and BuddyPress.
  • Use this plugin on any WordPress project you like.

First download and activate WordPress PopUp plugin. Once activated go to an option on your dashboard that says “Pop Overs” and click “Create New”.You will now see popover settings page where you fill in the popover title, content of you popup window and also set the size and position.
popover settings
This plugin also lets you set custom conditions where you can add rules to your popup such as show popup for logged in or out only, set the specific number of times or even show the popup only when the user arrives via search engine.

Facebook Page Promoter Plugin

Second method is to use Facebook Page Promoter Plugin which is limited to display Facebook like box popup only.It’s great way to grow your facebook community with a lightbox popup.

This plugin is very simple to use and set up.All you need to do is install and activate Facebook Page Promoter Plugin.

What you should see now is an option on your dashboard that says “Averico Settings”. After clicking on this and it will bring you to a setup page where you input your Facebook page ID. If you are not sure how to get the page ID, click on the following link Retrieve the Facebook Fanpage ID .
Once you have added your page ID, you can now customize the time delay after which pop-up box should appear. Also, you can select if pop-up box should appear on posts, pages or homepage only or set the styling options like size and color of the like box. Save it and you should see something like this.
wpth like popup

Feel free to share your way of promoting you Facebook page.

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