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Abacus – Responsive Blog & Shop Theme (Blog / Magazine)

| September 2, 2016 | 0 Comments

Abacus - Responsive Blog & Shop Theme
Abacus is a trendy and unique WordPress Blog and WooCommerce Theme aimed at individual sellers and small enterprises. It is based on top-notch web-design and WordPress code quality standards which gives it a refreshing look while keeping up with latest design trends in the industry.

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Betube Video WordPress Theme (Blog / Magazine)

| September 2, 2016 | 0 Comments

betube video wordpress theme intro

Betube is most powerful and biggest Responsive Video WordPress theme develops specifically for video website. Betube brings you the latest design in Video Website trends with beautiful full and fixed width page templates that ooze with elegance and charm, you will have a ground breaking fully functional video website within minutes of purchase. With 10+ unique Homepage designs we are confident you will find a design that meets your needs.
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Desilog – Blog WordPress Theme (Blog / Magazine)

| August 30, 2016 | 0 Comments

Desilog - Blog WordPress Theme
Desilog is a minimal and creative blog WordPress Theme. Desilog fits for a range of business, resource & corporation like design, store, photographer, media agency, web studios, designers, freelancers, events, marketing, artistic agencies etc.
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Blogline – Responsive WordPress Blog Theme (Blog / Magazine)

| August 29, 2016 | 0 Comments

Blogline is clean premium blogs template which is perfect choice for writers, authors, adventurous, travelers and photography enthusiasts who has a mind of their own to share their experiences to the world. It is professionally designed with video, audio, quote, link and gallery post support. This stylish theme uses valid HTML5 & CSS3, bootstrap framework, Owl Slider to ensure a better template.



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LineNews WordPress Theme (Blog / Magazine)

| October 8, 2012 | 0 Comments

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LineNews WordPress Theme - ThemeForest Item for Sale

The LineNews Theme is a brand new wordpress theme, which features a very clean and smart design that is perfect for showcasing your work. This theme allows customer’s chosen 3 categories to be seen on front page when they visit next and those categories can be changed anytime you like. It comes with multiple skins we suggested and categories also can be customized in different colour that you choose from unlimited colour options we offer. The most importantly, all types of information (photos in any layout, text, audio…etc) can be uploaded and the one of the unique feature it has is when you scroll down columns, they run in different ways.

Why choose LineNews Theme?

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ExtraNews – Responsive News and Magazine Theme (Blog / Magazine)

| September 28, 2012 | 0 Comments

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ExtraNews - Responsive News and Magazine Theme - ThemeForest Item for Sale

ExtraNews is a uniquely responsive news theme for all sorts of publishers. Great for review, news and blog sites, with integrated reviews, video, slideshows, and galleries in each post.

ExtraNews WordPress Theme Features

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Fashionista – Responsive WordPress Blog Theme (Blog / Magazine)

| September 26, 2012 | 0 Comments

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Stand out from the crowd with this responsive masonry blogging theme. Fashionista is perfect for fashion, photographers, models, celebrity gossip, or any other type of personal or professional blog. The clean masonry layout allows you to attractively showcase posts on your homepage and within categories.


Use post formats for images, galleries, videos, MP3 files, quotes, links, and standard text. Keep your visitors engaged with the static header which stays put when they scroll down the site, social profile icons in the header and sharing icons on the single posts.

Unlimited Hover Colors – by default when you hover over a thumbnail in any of the entries it has an animation where the image becomes a bit see-through with a dark background. Via the theme panel you can easily change this background hover to any color you want via the color picker as well as edit the amount of opacity applied to the image on hover.

Of course there is also the option to upload your own custom image logo instead of the default text logo (any height is fine as the header will expand and the code will adjust so you’re static header remains static. I also have added a custom css field that can be accessed via the WordPress theme_customizer for small css edits “on the fly”. Several options are included for disabling tags, author bios, social share…etc on the blog posts. The theme settings have been kept to the bare necessities as the main focus was creating a great looking theme right out of the box. And for any complex edits you can always use a child theme and make use of the included theme hooks for adding extra content to your templates.

Left/Right/No-Sidebar: Via the theme options you can easily select if you want a left style, right style or no sidebar style layout for your single posts! The sidebar layouts are great for bloggers while the full-width style is perfect for photographers and portfolio sites!

Responsive: Fashionista is also fully responsive and has been tested on the iPad and iPhone (scan the QR code below and see for yourself) – please not that on the browser the menu on mobile sizes will show up as a simple drop-down, on your mobile device it will pop-up your mobile menu for much easier site browsing ;)

Please close the little preview bar when testing out the responsive, it seems to cause some conflicts when in the iframe

Fashionista WordPress Theme Features

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