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6 WPZOOM Themes will be Retired

WPZOOM announced to retire some of their older themes during the following 2 months. The reason for it is simple – to keep high quality standard by developing more modern, optimized and high-quality themes in the future.

The first themes to be retired are:

On 15th of October 2012, these themes will no longer be available for purchase and will not be visible in their Theme Collection


Major Theme Updates

Yamidoo Magazine 2.0 (updated to version 2.0)
The theme is now responsive, has a wigetized footer and a slightly refreshed design.

Tribune 2.0
Ported to ZOOM framework and re-designed featured area on homepage

There were more updates on Videozoom 3.0, CadabraPress 2.0, Magazinum 2.0, onPlay 2.0 and many others…check out the Themes Page for detailed informations.

Latest WPZOOM Themes

Elastik Theme
Morning Theme
Erudito Theme
Yamidoo Magazine Theme
Voyage Theme
Convention Theme
Pulse Theme
OriginMag Theme
onPlay Theme
Magazine Explorer Theme
Pulse Theme
LitePress Theme
PhotoNote Theme
Splendid Theme

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